At this point it was anybody’s guess as to what numbers he might one day accomplish. United States Trotting Association S. Radar reveals liquid water beneath south pole of Mars. But it also captured the essence of how anyone that knew him really felt. Steve and Vickie Desomer have fond memories of their many years side-by-side with Gordon. In a strange co-incidence, it was only a short time earlier that Frank had been talking to Shelly about accidents and the options that a driver has when he loses control in the bike for one reason or another. In Goudreau made the trek to California and immediately went to the top of the driving colony there.

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Mitchell Transitioning From Western Fair.

I decided the smart thing to do was to bail out and take my chances. His amiable personality and natural driving ability saw his career take a meteoric rise from coast to coast and in two countries.

While some people’s careers are compromised by bad timing, his was the exact opposite. Use of this site signifies your agreement and compliance with the legal disclaimer and privacy policy. Make this harneess default. Shslly reveals shelly goudreau harness water beneath south pole of Mars.

Do you remember Shelley Goudreau? :: Harnesslink

His home base was chosen in California. In the first turn, the driving bit broke and Goudreau lost all control over his horse. But the cruel fate of an shelly goudreau harness accident would cut short the life harnesa a driver that may have rewritten the record books.


He died at Centinela Hospital at 1: Years Ago – s. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security. Shelly Goudreau passed away from injuries sustained in a racing accident at Hollywood Park on Aug. Cox shelly goudreau harness present when her brother died. Anyone who saw Shelly goudreau harness in action realized the year-old had abilities above and beyond in the sulky and was on his way to securing himself as one of the best ever in the sport when the fates conspired to take his life that summer evening.

The helmet he was wearing was an old Caliente and believe me, you could crush it just by sitting on it. These were gaudy numbers for the then year-old, but the pinnacle he reached would not be seen goureau.

Houdreau now even after nearly 30 years I still find it shelly goudreau harness to say “The late” Mr. At the tender age of 34 a still very youthful Shelly Goudreau left behind his wife Michelle and a one year old son Shelly Jr.

Harness driver Shelly Goudreau remained in critical condition and…

Stand By N raced under the banner of the Bob and Shelly goudreau harness Staats stable and she was his all-time favorite. He was just At that point, he would promise himself that the next day would be different.

Six days later, on Sept. He was on life support in the hospital for about six days while arrangements were made and then passed away.


He could sit parked shelly goudreau harness a horse and not panic at all, with the driver to his inside sitting in the pocket and loving every minute of it. San Francisco proposes ban on free food in workplace cafeterias 3 hours ago ago July 25 UPI — San Francisco lawmakers this week introduced a proposal that shelly goudreau harness ban workplace cafeterias that offer free food to workers.

Shelly Goudreau, a leading harness racer, fell head first – UPI Archives

In Goudreau made the trek to California and immediately went to the top of the driving colony there. Tim Pinske Passes; Arrangements Set.

He was doing things with these horses that were just unbelievable and they were regularly overachieving when he was driving. The Reagan assassination attempt.

He credited his meteoric rise to a few horses such as Robbie North and D Judge but he drove many more good ones even early in his career. Gordon was also director of backstretch operations for the Sacramento Harness Association and helped in starting the not-for-profit corporation, which was operating at Cal Expo at the time of his death. Stay harnesz to Date. During his career shelly goudreau harness was responsible for the success of such horses as Genghis Khan shelly goudreau harness, 1: